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Results achieved by Complex Lymphedema Therapy (CLT) are clearly more beneficial than any other treatment, including surgery, massage, and compression pumps. This method is safe and does not require any invasive procedures. An article published in the October 14, 1993 New England Journal of Medicine states that this is the most effective, safe, non-invasive treatment to reduce lymphedema. The professional staff at Lymphedema Therapy has published the results of Complex Lymphedema Therapy (CLT) in secondary lymphedema in Oncology September 1994, (Vol. 8 #9). Reductions achieved through a four week course of treatment, not only persist, but continue to improve over subsequent years.

The long term benefits of CLT were published in Oncology "Persistence of  Lymphedema Reduction After Noninvasive Complex Lymphedema Therapy", January, 1997. The Lymphedema Therapy facility treated 119 consecutive patients with CLT. Lymphedema reductions after CLT averaged 62.6% in the 56 patients with one affected arm and 68.6% in the 38 patients with one affected leg. In the 23 patients with bilateral affected lower limbs, lymphedema volume decreased by 3681 cc. in the right leg and 3433 cc. in the left leg. After 36 months' follow-up, the average reduction increased to 63.8% in individuals with one affected arm and remained at 62.7% in those with one affected leg. Patients who were compliant with wearing garments and exercises showed further siginificant increases in lymphedema reduction.

The most rewarding aspect of (CLT), however, is the reaction and relief of the Lymphedema Therapy patients. Finally, there is a safe, effective treatment for one of the most debilitating and disheartening diseases.


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